Nuclear power to the moon?

Scientists believe nuclear power could be humanity’s key to living on the moon

If you believed they put a nuclear power station on the Moon

NASA aims to launch a nuclear power station on the moon by 2030

Plants on the Moon!

Scientists claim that “for the first time in history” terrestrial plants have grown in lunar soil

‘If you believed they put a …nuclear plant on the Moon’!

NASA is looking for design ideas for a fission power plant that could be built in the next ten years

NASA inks new agreement with US Department of Energy

They will continue to work together on scientific discoveries, including the development of nuclear power and propulsion systems for the Moon and Mars

Blog: Can energy managers learn from the Curiosity rover?

Fly a shuttle to Mars and play music back from outer space? No problem. Can we cut our energy use with the same impressive execution? Can we heck! In the same week the Curiosity rover pinged a dreadful pop track by back to Earth from Mars, came the death of the man who took one […]