RWE npower announces energy trade deal with N2EX

RWE npower claims it will be selling a third of its electricity generation in an agreement with N2EX, a wholesale trading market. The energy supplier will hold open auctions and believes the day-ahead trading will add liquidity across the electricity market. The power company says trade in wholesale markets helps competition and gives a fairer […]

E.ON announce day ahead trade deal with N2EX market

E.ON has signed a gross bidding agreement with N2EX for its day ahead auction. The deal means E.ON is now trading in excess of 30% of its energy through the day ahead auction as well as a matching volume from its retail sales. Following in the footsteps of SSE last year, E.ON believes the move […]

Ofgem urged to cut energy buying red tape

An international energy broker has urged Ofgem to “cut the red tape” surrounding energy purchasing via exchanges in the UK, which it claims is “reducing competition in the power market”. Independent experts at Bergen Energi UK believe exchange access is restricted by the costs of signing up to, and the ongoing management requirements of, the […]