Electricity theft increases as prices rise

A new report suggests electricity theft in England and Wales broke a new record

Price cap will be updated every three months, confirms Ofgem

The move is believed to ensure that the new price cap reflects gas and electricity costs in a better way

Industry’s reactions to landmark energy pricing report unfold

The report has urged the government to update the support package to align with recent expectations on energy prices in October – what are the industry’s thoughts?

Nearly 8.2m households could be in fuel poverty in October

A charity has urged the next Prime Minister to take additional measures to protect people against the “bleakest of winters”

Suppliers meet with charities to propose additional help for customers

The group agreed to work on a series of immediate changes that can be implemented as soon as possible

Energy bills ‘heading above £3,000 a year this winter’

A charity has warned of “few signs of energy prices becoming affordable” this winter

Industry reacts to government’s energy bill package

The industry has welcomed the Chancellor’s announcement but has also called for longer-term solutions

Industry responds to Ofgem’s warning of new surge in the price cap

Energy leaders have reflected on predictions that the October price cap will rise to around £2,800

Industry responds to Ofgem’s proposals for four-time-a-year price cap update

The proposals have received mixed feedback

Britons face a ‘catastrophe’ in October as bills are set to skyrocket again

The chief of National Energy Action has highlighted the need for a ‘social tariff’