National Gas boss slams push for all-electric UK

National Gas CEO, Jon Butterworth, endorses hydrogen adoption for decarbonisation but criticises the National Infrastructure Commission’s all-electric proposal

UK Government advisers urge 60GW grid storage boost by 2025

The National Infrastructure Commission’s report advocates electrification for broader building decarbonisation

NIC urges full subsidies for heat pumps

The National Infrastructure Commission recommends the UK Government fund or subsidise heat pump installations, focusing on lower income households

UK ditches home energy efficiency taskforce just six months in

A taskforce dedicated to accelerating home insulation and boiler upgrades, which was established in March and included prominent experts, has been disbanded

‘Gas grid shutdown could cost UK homes £2,300 each’

Leaked reports reveal the potential challenges and uncertainties surrounding the shutdown of the UK’s gas grid in the pursuit of net zero emissions

Ofgem embraces statutory net zero duty

The new duty empowers Ofgem to protect the interests of consumers while supporting the transition to a low carbon and affordable energy system

Climate change cooks UK infrastructure: Urgent need for resilience boost!

The National Infrastructure Commission and Climate Change Committee have written a letter to the government urging for better plans to improve the resilience of infrastructure to climate change

UK Government advisers urge more onshore wind farms to power the grid

To aid the UK in achieving its net zero objectives, the National Infrastructure Commission has recommended that ministers expedite the authorisation process for new projects

Power Up Britain plan under fire: Infrastructure adviser reveals lingering doubts

National Infrastructure Commission Chairman Sir John Armitt has questioned whether the proposals are enough to drive change quickly

Government has chosen members for the new Energy Efficiency Taskforce

The new body will be focused on finding ways to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy bills