Government’s £40bn plans could boost energy sector

The UK Government’s funding for £40billion worth of projects in the country’s infrastructure and exports could help boost the energy sector. Chancellor George Osborne unveiled the plans today and said the funding will be used to help projects which may have been put on hold due to difficulties in raising money from private investors. The […]

Greenpeace ask: "Why does George Osborne hate the countryside?"

International environmental campaigners have launched a stinging attack on Chancellor George Osborne’s Autumn Statement, which they say reads as if it were written by the UK’s biggest polluters. Unhappy with the Coalition’s decision to grant financial support to emission-producing industries, Greenpeace said the changes to policy added up to an “assault” on green measures and […]

Renewable Energy centres get green light

The government has given the green light to start new offshore renewable centres as part of the National Infrastructure Plan. These centres to be based in Humber, Tees, Tyne, Lowestoft/Great Yarmouth and Sheerness will provide support for businesses that wish to invest in manufacturing for the renewable sector. The plan announced by Chancellor George Osborne […]

Investment in infrastructure is a smart idea

Yesterday’s decision by the Chancellor to invest in UK infrastructure has been backed by engineers and representatives of the wires and pipes transmission networks. They say that creating a smart network will bode well for the future. David Smith, Energy Networks Association Chief Executive said: “The smarter network will empower the public and help them […]

Infrastructure plan to improve energy and transport networks

The Chancellor of the Exchequer has announced a revamp to British infrastructure, which will act alongside the finance sector in improving the UK’s private sector. The National Infrastructure Plan is a cross-sector approach to improving the UK’s infrastructure networks and has set its sights high with 500 infrastructure projects. To finance it there will be […]