Councils oppose National Grid’s proposal for “damaging” pylons

A plan to install a 180-kilometre network of 50-metre tall electricity pylons has received fierce criticism

UK consults on process for potential new 1GW nuclear sites

The UK Government has launched a consultation on the process and criteria for designating potentially suitable sites for new nuclear post 2025. They would include new nuclear power stations with more than 1GW of single reactor electricity generating capacity for deployment between 2026 and 2035. The government’s current nuclear power National Policy Statements (NPS) lists […]

Government misinformed over need for new nuclear, claims report

A trade association has alleged the Government may have been misled in determining their future energy policies by information on nuclear power that could be inaccurate. The report by Unlock Democracy and ACE, a trade association for energy efficiency and insulation companies, says Parliament needs to re-open the nuclear debate: “there is absolutely no need […]

Energy Secretary defends conservative approach

Energy Secretary Chris Huhne defended his energy policies yesterday by claiming that a portfolio approach toward energy was safe, as the future was uncertain. Speaking to the Lords Select Committee for Science and Technology after giving energy National Policy Statements to parliament, Mr Huhne said it would be wrong to pick a favourite form of […]

Hendry announces National Policy Statements

Charles Hendry announced the framework for energy policy in Parliament yesterday, outlining roles for nuclear, oil and gas, renewables like wind and solar, biomass, and ‘clean’ coal in tandem with carbon capture and storage. Low carbon electricity was at the heart of the National Policy Statements. If approved by Parliament, they will lay out guidance […]

New nuclear target of 2018 on track, says Hendry

Plans for the first new nuclear power station to begin generating electricity by 2018 remain on course, Energy minister Charles Hendry said last week. Mr Hendry also announced that the government’s draft National Policy Statements for energy infrastructure will be strengthened. Mr Hendry said: “For large energy projects we need to give industry maximum certainty, […]