Airlines fly high with £155m fuel savings

Airlines saved £155 million in fuel costs in the last financial year as a result of more efficient air traffic control procedures. NATS, UK-based global air traffic management company, revealed improved use of airspace and innovative technology have also led to a reduction of more than 600,000 tonnes of carbon emissions. The savings follow the […]

Wind off the radar after air traffic control deal

A pair of air traffic radars is going to be upgraded so wind turbines won’t interfere with them. It means wind farms should no longer be rejected for certain areas near them. That’s after a deal announced yesterday between the air traffic services company NATS and two major wind energy developers, SSE and Vattenfall. A […]

Wind farm sparks air traffic radar fears

Scottish & Southern Energy Renewables is said to be working with air traffic control organisation NATS over plans for Europe’s biggest wind farm. The £500m project will be built at Abington, South Lanarkshire, and has got government approval already, with the first commissioning due next year. The152-turbine wind farm would generate 548MW, enough to power […]

North Sea set for oil/offshore battleground

On the eve of the UK’s biggest renewable energy event, the country’s oil industry has warned of a face-off with wind developers over the North Sea. In a submission to a government consultation on the UK’s renewable targets, trade body Oil&Gas UK said offshore projects planned for British waters would see renewable firms fighting with […]

Energy savings take off for air traffic controllers

Air traffic control company NATS has sliced £1.7m off its energy bill following an overhaul of its electricity buying procedure. NATS hired energy broker Bergen Energi UK to create a bespoke risk-management solution. NATS has a unique set of energy requirements which Bergen Energi analysed and then developed a specific strategy. Bergen Energi UK vice-president […]