New renewable energy storage capacity ‘to reach 45GW by 2025’

Global installed energy storage systems for renewable integration (ESRI) could total 45.1GW by 2025. That’s because the growth of renewables such as wind and solar and the decreasing cost of advanced batteries present opportunities for energy storage systems, according to a report by Navigant Research. While system costs are still one of the biggest barriers to the industry’s growth, […]

Global solar sales to beat $151bn by 2024

The yearly revenue from global solar panel installations is expected to be more than $151 billion (£96.7bn) by 2024. That’s according to a new report which forecasts the cost of solar panels to fall and potentially replace other energy technologies. Roberto Rodriguez Labastida, Senior Research Analyst at Navigant Research, said: “The distributed solar PV generation market continues to transition […]

Zoom! Sales of e-motorcycles and scooters to rise

Over the next decade 55 million e-motorbikes and e-scooters are likely to be sold worldwide, predicts a new report. More people will turn to electric, two-wheel vehicles as fuel prices rise and city streets become more congested, it suggests. As the epitome of biker cool, Harley Davidson’s new electric entry is also predicted to “spur” sales […]

Europe is home of the 'smart city' finds study

Europe is the home of ‘smart city’ programmes that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, encourage growth and improve services, according to new research. Smart city programmes will be worth $20.2 billion (£12.6bn) for the world economy by 2020, according to a new report from Navigant Research. It says the market, currently worth $6.1 billion (£3.8bn), will […]

Electric scooter sales to surge 50% by 2020

Worldwide sales of electric scooters are estimated to grow 50% by 2020 according to a report from Navigant Research. It forecasts that global e-scooter sales will hit 18 million in 2020, up from 12 million in 2013. Asia Pacific is far and way the world’s largest region for e-scooter sales, accounting for 99% of all […]

Lull in global smart meter shipments

There was a lull in global smart meter shipments in the second quarter of 2013, according to a new report released by Navigant Research this week. The latest Smart Grid Deployment Tracker put this down to fewer large-scale announcements from companies and countries buying up smart meters. The report estimated 25.5 million units were shipped during […]

World’s hybrid electric car sales ‘to double by 2020’

The world’s hybrid electric car sales will double within seven years according to a new forecast. Sales will grow from 2% of global light duty vehicles to almost 4% by 2020 according to business advisors Navigant Research. The prediction sees a much stronger few years in store for hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) than straight electric […]