US ‘could exceed Saudi Arabia on oil’

The United States has seen a “reversal” in oil production which could see it become bigger exporter than Saudi Arabia, it was claimed today. Saudi Arabia is the world’s second largest exporter of oil, according to the International Energy Agency’s 2010 statistics, sending out 50 million tonnes a year. The United States has currently undergone […]

GE Wind knocks Vestas off its wind perch

Danish manufacturer Vestas has been knocked off its perch as top wind turbine supplier for first time in 13 years. American firm GE Wind snatched the No 1 spot in the rankings after coming in third the year before. The United States became the world’s top wind power market with the “strongest” yearly performance yet, […]

Shale can be a success, as long as it is safe

After claims that vast reserves of shale gas were found in the UK last week, questions of how safe the fracking process is have resurfaced. The company responsible for the discovery are currently prohibited from drilling while a review over its safety takes place. The Managing Director of the energy practice at consultants Navigant thinks […]