UK consults on radioactive nuclear waste management strategy

It applies to 17 sites owned by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) across the country

Magnox to become a subsidiary of Nuclear Decommissioning Authority

The private sector will be engaged through multiple smaller contracts rather than a single large parent body organisation

Robots battle in nuclear clean-up challenge

Five projects have been awarded a total of £8.5 million to develop robots that can tackle some of Sellafield’s most radioactive hotspots. The robots controlled by smart auto navigation systems made it through to the final stages from a shortlist of 15, each receiving up to £1.5 million to build prototype demonstrators for testing in a simulated […]

Decommissioning milestone at Oldbury nuclear site

The Oldbury nuclear site in Gloucestershire has reached a milestone in its decommissioning process. A total of 109 low level waste skips, the containers used to hold fuel elements once they were removed from the reactor, have now been taken out, processed and packaged for storage. Work at the site will now focus on removing […]

Sellafield chair to step down

Tony Fountain is to step down from his role as Chair of Sellafield. The company is responsible for the safe and secure operation and clean-up of the Sellafield nuclear site. Mr Fountain, who will chair his last Board at Sellafield later this month, has accepted an offer to become Chair at Essar Oil. The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority […]

UK taxpayers face £100m bill over flawed nuclear deal

The UK Government has been forced to pay £100 million of taxpayers’ money to two US engineering firms after mishandling a nuclear decommissioning contract. Business and Energy Secretary Greg Clark has also ordered an inquiry, led by former National Grid boss Steve Holliday, after a “flawed” tendering process for the £6.1 billion deal. The government’s […]

Nuclear decommissioning body appoints new CEO

The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) has announced David Peattie as its new CEO. He will be responsible for leading the NDA in the decommissioning and clean-up of 17 nuclear sites across the UK, including Sellafield. A 350-tonne machine has been installed at Sellafield to tackle what is said to be one of the most challenging […]

£100m machine installed for UK nuclear clean-up

A 350-tonne machine has been installed at Sellafield to tackle what is said to be one of the most challenging nuclear clean-up jobs. The £100 million Silo Emptying Plant will scoop radioactive waste from the Magnox Swarf Storage Silo. It will be packed into nuclear skips and sent to modern waste stores at Sellafield, pending […]

Nuclear archive opens doors to the public

A new archive has opened its doors to the public for the first time, bring together historical nuclear records from all over the UK. The facility, funded by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA), is located near one of the UK’s earliest nuclear research sites, Dounreay in Scotland. The Nucleus archive, which houses records including plans, […]

Sellafield nuclear ‘safety concerns’ exposed by whistleblower

There are safety concerns over staff shortages and nuclear waste stored in plastic bottles at the Sellafield nuclear site, according to a BBC investigation. The Panorama programme claims the country’s most hazardous nuclear site has too few staff to operate safely and some radioactive materials have been stored in degrading plastic bottles. A whistleblower who used […]