Knowledge sharing deal goes nuclear

The Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) have signed a deal to advance global nuclear research. The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for Co-operative Activities aims to better identify global research needs in the sector, taking into consideration the perspectives of utilities, regulators, government organisations and the wider industry. The two […]

Argentina and Romania join nuclear group

Argentina and Romania are to become full members of the Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA). Both nations are active players in the nuclear sector, have well established relationships with the NEA and have significant research capacities. The agency, which is part of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), expects the deal to be mutually beneficial in a number […]

Hinkley approval: International reaction

  The UK Government’s decision to give the green light to Hinkley could lead to other countries following suit. That’s the view of Agneta Rising, General Director at the World Nuclear Association (WNA), who also said Theresa May’s approval is “very good news for the UK” and the continuation of its good nuclear success. She told ELN: […]

New energy project to help vulnerable customers

A new energy project aimed at providing vulnerable people with additional support this winter has been launched. E.ON and National Energy Action (NEA) have teamed up for the ‘Warm Minds’ scheme which is being rolled out in seven areas across the East Midlands, North East, Yorkshire, Merseyside, South East and South Wales. Hundreds of people […]

China to close 1,000 coal mines this year

China aims to close more than 1,000 coal mines this year. That’s a total production capacity of 60 million tonnes, according to China’s National Energy Administration (NEA). The closures are part of the country’s plan to reduce 500 million tonnes of surplus production capacity within the next three to five years. NEA stated the measure will […]

NEA: Treasury cashed in £27m by double taxation on energy bills

The Treasury pocketed millions of pounds last year as a result of double taxation on householders’ energy bills, a new report claims. Fuel poverty charity National Energy Action suggests £27.04 million was made last year by the Treasury by charging consumers 5% of VAT on top of carbon levies. The report states: “NEA believes that […]

China boosts shale gas production

Shale gas production in China reportedly rose by more than five times to 200 million cubic metres last year. The nation’s daily output of shale gas has exceeded two million cubic metres, with around 30 million cubic metres produced in 2012, according to reports. The Chinese Government has pledged to accelerate exploration of the unconventional […]

Power outage rises to 80 hours a week in Nepal

Householders in Nepal are now facing power outages for 80 hours a week, a rise from the previous 63 hours. According to the latest schedule released by the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), there will be 11 hours of load shedding for four days a week and 12 hours for the remaining three days. That is […]

International response to Fukushima disaster outlined

Two years after the Fukushima nuclear disaster and with the situation still not under control, the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) has published a report outlining the response of its member countries. According to the report, member countries immediately carried out preliminary safety reviews following the accident, before completing “stress tests” to reassess the ability […]

Definitively fuel poor: fuel poverty given new meaning

Fuel poor – sounds like an easy enough concept, doesn’t it? But if you thought that, you would be mistaken. The Government has given the phrase “fuel poverty” a new definition to make sure support is better “targeted” at those who need it most. Yesterday the Government announced from now on a household will be […]