UK needs a ‘user-led’ energy policy

The UK needs a “user-led” policy which gives consumers control over their energy. Jonathan Graham, Head of Policy at the Association for Decentralised Energy (ADE) said the nation still has a “centralised mind-set”. He added: “We have to overcome a historical bias in the UK which is we’re used to electricity being generated very far […]

Energy innovation ‘doesn’t have to wait for policy’

Energy entrepreneurs with a great idea don’t have to wait for government policy to make it happen. Robert Groves, CEO of SmartestEnergy – an electricity supplier to large industrial and commercial organisations – believes innovation is “absolutely key” for the future of the energy industry and businesses shouldn’t wait for regulation to create an environment […]

‘Heavy regulation’ a barrier for new entrants

There is a place for new energy suppliers in the industry but some of the barriers need to be removed. That’s according to Jacqui Hall, Managing Director of CNG, an independent supplier of commercial gas, which is striving to offer a viable alternative to the Big Six. Speaking to ELN at the New Energy Market […]

Energy procurement ‘isn’t just about price’

There is much more to the energy procurement process than just securing the best price. That’s the view of Antony Badger, Strategy and Development Director at Haven Power, who believes it is about the “whole customer experience” and price is not the only factor. He told ELN procurement is about the service provided to customers […]

The first New Energy Market conference

What a day it was! A conference for smaller suppliers and generators in the energy industry. Around 150 energy end users, third party intermediaries (TPIs) and suppliers attended the event which was held at the fascinating Co-operative headquarters in Manchester. The conference kicked off with a bit of networking over lunch, with a number of […]

It’s all about the New Energy Market!

It’s here! The new conference all about smaller suppliers and generators. Today’s half-day event will see those players reveal what they will bring to the ‘New Energy Market’. How will the change affect businesses and the way energy is procured? Should self-generation be encouraged? Should the UK have more independent energy suppliers coming to the […]