Power outage rises to 80 hours a week in Nepal

Householders in Nepal are now facing power outages for 80 hours a week, a rise from the previous 63 hours. According to the latest schedule released by the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), there will be 11 hours of load shedding for four days a week and 12 hours for the remaining three days. That is […]

Fire at Nepal’s hydroelectric plant

Power generation at a hydroelectric plant in Nepal has been halted after a fire broke out this week. State-owned Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) confirmed the accident at the 32MW Kulekhani 2 plant, which destroyed three transformers worth Rs 330 million, reports claim. The transformers help step up the voltage for transmission to power substations. According […]

Nepal struggles to cope with electricity demand

Nepal continues to struggle with its electricity demand with hours of load shedding across the country. Load shedding is when utilities switch off power supplies as they fail to provide the required demand. Reports claim the Government is expected to add around 70MW of electricity to its national grid but it is said this will […]