‘World’s first’ hydrogen inland shipping barge aces sea trials

Concordia Damen’s hydrogen-powered inland shipping barge, ‘Antonie’, has successfully completed technical sea trials

Greta’s climate speech interrupted by stage incident

A large climate protest in Amsterdam, attended by tens of thousands, experienced an interruption during climate activist Greta Thunberg’s speech

AI energy use nears small country levels

AI’s expanding energy requirements could soon equal those of a small nation, raising environmental concerns as the technology gains wider adoption by tech companies

Octopus powers up with major wind farm investment

Octopus Energy Generation has invested in the giant Borssele III & IV wind farm in the Dutch North Sea, featuring the largest turbines in the company’s portfolio

Paws and pipes: Dogs hunt down leaks in heat networks

Vattenfall is investigating the use of sniffer dogs to unearth water leaks in their underground district heating pipes

“Ship is still on fire”: What caused the ongoing fatal fire on the car carrier?

A massive car carrier ship, carrying nearly 3,000 vehicles, caught fire off the Dutch coast, resulting in one crew member’s death and several injuries

More than 1,500 climate protestors arrested in the Netherlands

The Extinction Rebellion members were calling for an end to financing fossil fuel subsidies, blocking the A12 motorway in The Hague

Defective pitch kit causes wind turbine collapse

Vattenfall’s investigation into the collapse of a wind turbine at the Eemmeerdijk wind farm has determined that a defective pitch kit was responsible for the incident

Netherlands shut down wind turbines to protect birds

In anticipation of a significant bird migration over the North Sea, the wind turbines at Borssele and Egmond aan Zee were temporarily halted for four hours

Heat pump tech company bags €15m to expand to UK

It has developed a digital platform to connect heat pump producers with local networks