Homes and businesses generating own power face increased costs

Ofgem is consulting on how it recovers the costs of the networks used to transport electricity to consumers, which currently amount to around £9bn a year

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EU orders Germany to recover illegal aid from large electricity users

The Commission said the network charges exemption given in 2012/13 was against state aid rules

Ofgem rejects £120m rebate request for generators

Ofgem has rejected a request to modify rules that would have resulted in generators receiving a £120 million rebate funded by consumers. Generators claimed their network charges in 2015/16 exceeded the €2.50 (£2.23)/MWh cap on transmission charges paid by them, which is set under EU regulations. The proposal was requested by SSE in March 2016 […]

Ofgem proposes £206.8m spending cut for DNOs

Ofgem is proposing reducing allowances across all distribution network operators (DNOs) by £206.8 million. It states the new financial adjustments reflect DNOs’ performance under the previous price control – which ended on 31st March 2015 – when electricity demand was “significantly lower than expected”. As a result, some DNOs did not need to spend as […]

Network charges different depending on the region

Network charges are different depending on the region of the UK. That’s according to a report from Ofgem which stated electricity distribution charges are higher than average in North Scotland Merseyside & North Wales and the South West of England. On the other hand, charges are lower in London and Eastern England. In contrast, electricity […]