Cable reel
Scotland’s Kype Muir wind farm successfully connected to grid

French cable manufacturer Nexans linked the onshore wind facility to the country’s power network

Super cool cable runs efficiency through Essen

Extra energy efficient cables are so hot right now – in a freezing cold way. German power firm RWE has just installed the world’s longest “superconductor” – a cable which loses zero energy while carrying energy because it is super-cooled by nitrogen. The ice cold cable, made by Nexans, stretches one kilometre between two substations […]

Podcast – Caution cable guys at work…

What goes into making a power cable? ELN’s Vicky Ellis popped over the Channel to Lyon in France to visit the high tech Nexans research centre. There she discovers the lengths they go to moulding, stretching and testing cables so they can be used in energy transportation. Listen to the podcast here and feel free […]

Cable research key with rise of new energy sources

The rise of renewable energy sources makes research into efficient power cables key, according to manufacturer Nexans, which celebrates the tenth anniversary of its research centre in Lyons, France this week. Thomas Hähner, Manager at the Nexans Research Centre told ELN energy efficiency is an “important part” of research into developing different cables for the […]