Are water companies the next casualties of soaring energy prices?

NI Water could face £5m ‘resource pressure’ because of energy rises, Northern Ireland’s Infrastructure Minister said

NI Water awards funding for research into benefits of large-scale battery storage tech

It follows six months of feasibility study, with the latest research identifying opportunities to use battery storage technologies within NI water to reduce energy consumption and cost, improve resilience and generate income

NI Water awarded £5m for hydrogen project at wastewater treatment site

The development of a 1MW electrolyser aims to explore how hydrogen could increase wastewater treatment system’s capacity and decarbonise it

NI Water warns it is ‘sinking’ due to ‘chronic underfunding’

The utility warns the country’s failing wastewater infrastructure is unable to take new connections from new homes and businesses, leading to inadequate environmental protection through increased sewer flooding and pollution

NI Water invests £8.6m for efficiency improvements

Northern Ireland Water (NI Water) claims it has invested around £8.6 million to improve efficiency at its wastewater plants in the last two years. It was part of the water company’s ‘Base Maintenance Wastewater Investment Programme’ from November 2011 to spring 2013 and plans to invest a further £15.9 million by next year. The investment […]