Co-op Energy trumpets “perfect” score on renewables

New entrant to the UK energy market Co-operative Energy has this week trumpeted its “perfect score” for its renewable energy mix. The firm which launched in May 2011 says 100% of the electricity it gave its customers in the year ending March 2012 was sourced from renewable generation such as biomass (pictured), wind and hydro. Nigel […]

Co-op Energy shares profit with customers

Co-operative Energy is celebrating its first birthday with a profit share for its customers, giving back a total of £105,000. The electricity provider announced the dividend payout for its more than 25,000 customers today, following its annual general meeting over the weekend. As one of two payouts every year by Co-op, customers are given ‘points’ […]

Co-op to cut energy bills

Co-operative Energy, launched in May 2011, has decided to cut its prices in February 2012. The ethical gas and electricity provider will drop by an average of 3%, a 
saving of around £35 per year for the average household in the Midlands. The Co-operative say the move is a response to a recent fall in […]

Energy co-operatives on the up

New figures released today showed that more UK energy firms are joining forces to better business. Co-operative UK, the trade body for joint venture enterprises say that member-owned energy organisations are the fastest growth area for co-operative businesses in the UK, with a 24% rise over the last four years. Ed Mayo, General Secretary of […]

Co-op will put up prices in November

New energy supplier Co-operative Energy is to increase its prices from November 3rd by 18% for gas and 11% for electricity, in line with the majority of other energy suppliers. The energy and gas supplier said it regretted the price increases but pointed to the fact that they had held the lower prices for longer, […]