UK and Japanese nuclear agencies team up to share expertise

They have signed an agreement to build on the collaborative relationship to allow exchange of skills, knowledge, research, information and technology

US provides $20m for advanced nuclear technologies

The Department of Energy said nuclear power is a critical part of the nation’s all-of-the-above energy strategy

US invests $64m in nuclear technology

The investment will assist research, infrastructure and technological advancements

New digital hub for nuclear capacity building

It focuses on workforce planning, leadership and training to support countries with operating plants and those considering or developing new programmes

BEIS appoints new UK atomic energy authority board members

The UKAEA leads the commercial development of fusion power and related technology

US restarts nuclear test reactor after 23 years

A nuclear energy facility which tests reactor fuels and materials under extreme conditions has been restarted in the US. The Transient Reactor Test Facility (TREAT) at Idaho National Laboratory (INL) started operations in 1959 and conducted thousands of experiments until it was shut down and maintained in standby status since 1994. TREAT can produce sudden […]

‘Mini-reactors could decarbonise more cheaply’

  Small-scale nuclear reactors are needed for the UK to decarbonise affordably and within a suitable timeframe. That’s according to David Orr, Senior Vice President for Nuclear Rolls Royce, who says small modular reactors (SMRs) would be better suited than large-scale nuclear power stations in providing baseload capacity as large volumes of intermittent renewables come […]

UAE inks nuclear power pacts with UK and Canada

The UAE has signed two international co-operation agreements on nuclear energy with the UK and Canada. They will exchange information on matters related to the safe and peaceful use of nuclear power as well as regulations, construction, operation and decommissioning of power plants. The agreements were signed with the UK’s Office for Nuclear Regulation and […]

China’s CGN eyes second nuclear power deal in UK

A Chinese nuclear energy developer is exploring a bid to invest in a nuclear power station under construction in Cumbria. CGN, which already owns a large stake in the Hinkley Point C facility, hopes to buy an equity stake in Toshiba’s 3.4GW NuGen Moorside project. A CGN spokesperson said: “CGN has accepted the invitation to […]

Massive blackout revives nuclear energy discussions in Taiwan

A blackout which affected around 6.6 million homes and businesses in Taiwan last week has revived discussions around nuclear energy. It was caused by a blunder at the nation’s biggest gas-fired power plant on 15th August, following which Economy Minister Chih-Kung Lee resigned. The incident at CPC Corporation’s Tatan power plant, which accounts for almost […]