Nuclear boom: UK’s atomic workforce hits record high

The UK’s nuclear workforce has surged to a 20-year high, with 77,413 employees, according to new data

EDF to keep turbines running at Heysham 1 and Hartlepool power stations

The nuclear power stations are set to keep pumping out electricity for an extra two years

Energy industry responds to CCC report on UK grid decarbonisation

The CCC has called for swifter action on decarbonisation – but what does the industry think?

NG puts one of the contingency coal plants onto the grid for first time

EDF’s West Burton A unit has become the first-ever activation of winter contingency contracts for coal

National Grid forks out £4bn to keep the lights on

Balancing payments increased following a surge in power prices, according to a new report

Industry responds to net zero review

Associations and other industry experts have called on the government to accelerate key national policies on net zero

Could retired coal plant sites become home to small nuclear power stations?

The Chair of NIA has said these sites could reduce the need for costly grid connections

UK day-ahead energy prices smash new records

UK average day-ahead auction power price hit a record £539.59/MWh for Tuesday 23rd August

Will the shutdown of Hinkley Point B today put more strain on grid?

The remaining unit at Hinkley Point B is due to come offline today

Potential sites for Rolls-Royce reactor facility revealed

The site will manufacture the ‘heavy vessels’ for its Small Modular Reactor power station