Will the shutdown of Hinkley Point B today put more strain on grid?

The remaining unit at Hinkley Point B is due to come offline today

Potential sites for Rolls-Royce reactor facility revealed

The site will manufacture the ‘heavy vessels’ for its Small Modular Reactor power station

G7 urged to support extending operating life of nuclear reactors

Representatives of the global nuclear industry have called for a rise in national nuclear capacity targets

Billpayers ‘could pay billions in extra nuclear plant decommissioning costs’

Seven power plants should have been decommissioned decades ago, according to a parliamentary committee report

Industry responds to Energy Security Strategy

Will the new energy plan help the UK boost its energy independence? Leading voices respond to the government’s new strategy

Rolls-Royce mini nuclear reactor technology takes step forward!

BEIS has asked Britain’s nuclear regulator to start the approval process for the design of Rolls-Royce SMR

Head of UN’s nuclear watchdog offers to travel to Chernobyl

Rafael Mariano Grossi said that visit would aim to reach an “agreed framework” for nuclear safety

National Grid ESO issues Capacity Market Notice and cancels it

The notice was triggered yesterday for a brief time

UK’s emissions from electricity ‘rose by more than a fifth last year in 2021’

Gas drove up UK power emissions for first time in a decade, according to the International Energy Agency

EDF switches off 46-year-old nuclear power station

The French energy giant will now move into the defuelling phase of Hunterston B in North Ayrshire in Scotland