NY green bank to back clean energy lenders serving disadvantages communities

It will enable community-based financial organisations to support more high-impact and emissions-reducing clean energy infrastructure projects that benefit underserved people

NY Green Bank seeks proposals to help electrify affordable housing buildings

The expanded investment approach will focus on projects that prioritise energy efficiency and electrification in housing found within disadvantaged communities across New York State

New York’s green bank sees $2.7m profits

New York State’s green bank generated profits of $2.7 million (£2.1m) in the last financial year. This was achieved through investing a total of $291.6 million (£228.8m) in clean energy over the period, which has reduced emissions by up to 6.4 million tonnes, equivalent to removing 70,000 cars from the road for 20 years. New York State Governor Andrew […]

$210m fund to jump start New York’s ‘green’ bank

New York’s first bank aimed at boosting clean energy projects is set to launch early next year after an initial $210 million (£128.4m) of funding was unveiled. Called the NY Green Bank, it is expected to capitalise with $1 billion (£0.6bn) in total and serve as a financial engine to scale up low carbon and […]