¥70m for wave energy technology in Japan

A US wave energy technology firm has received a ¥70 million (£547,000) contract towards using its technology in Japanese sea conditions. Under the agreement with Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding (MES), Ocean Power Technologies (OPT) will use its ‘PowerBuoy’ technology, which is a wave generation system that uses a “smart” floating device to capture and convert […]

Wave powered energy buoy survives Irene

An energy-producing buoy dropped in the Atlantic Ocean survived a battering from Hurricane Irene. The device made by US marine firm Ocean Power Technologies survived 15 metre waves during the height of the storm. The PowerBuoy is designed to provide persistent, off-grid, clean energy in remote ocean locations for a wide variety of maritime security […]

Record $9m backlog for Ocean Power Technologies

Wave power company Ocean Power Technologies has announced a record $8.9million backlog in orders.The firm that installed the first-ever grid connected wave energy device in the US said it was a personal best. OPT also boosted its revenue by a third for last year because of orders from the US Navy and the UK’s Technology […]