Octopus acquires Shell Energy

Shell has announced it will sell its UK and Germany home energy businesses, to Octopus Energy Group

Octopus launches new €220m renewables fund

The company has struck a deal with developer Exagen to build the ‘UK’s largest’ battery

EV drivers to sell energy to National Grid

EVs will be connected with the UK’s grid through the balancing mechanism

Octopus Energy reveals new tariff prices

Existing customers to pay £50 below new price cap through special rebate

Will households face ‘Uber-like’ energy charges?

Households on ‘time-of-use’ tariff will be charged more to use electricity at peak times

Octopus Energy to customers: “In April a typical bill could rise over 75%”

The company predicted the new price cap will add £60 a month to bills

Canadian pension fund pours $300m into Octopus Energy

The deal is expected to push the company’s valuation close to $5 billion

Octopus unveils partnership to build new green hydrogen projects

Partners aim to deliver green hydrogen production projects co-located with renewables

Octopus Energy adds £3.4bn worth of renewable projects to its portfolio

The firm has today announced the acquisition of the investment group Octopus Renewables

Octopus Energy Group buys Upside Energy

The move is expected to support the firm’s ambition to make the UK ‘Silicon Valley of Energy’