ScottishPower boss slams Bulb’s “unfair” sale

Keith Anderson has urged the government to scrap the auction process for Bulb and restart it

‘UK’s first’ U16 gas smart meter installed

Until now, customers with larger gas supplies of 16 cubic metres per hour have not been able to switch to smart meters

Octopus customers could get £100 by reducing energy use

Octopus Energy will pay, on average, £4 per kWh for customers who reduce their energy at certain times

Octopus spins into action with German wind farms

The energy supplier has signed deals to acquire 57MW of capacity

Octopus takes stand against standing charges

The supplier announced a new support package for its customers worth around £40 million

Industry calls on government, as energy price cap skyrockets to £3,549

What does the energy industry have to say on today’s announcement from Ofgem that the price cap will rise once more?

Octopus boss: “We need more help for customers from government”

Greg Jackson has said many energy companies favour the launch of a tariff deficit fund that would cover the cost of freezing the price cap

EV drivers to sell energy to National Grid

EVs will be connected with the UK’s grid through the balancing mechanism

Households to be offered extra cash for turning off appliances

Consumers could soon be rewarded for choosing to run a dishwasher at certain times of the day, under new National Grid ESO’s plans

Yorkshire wind turbine to cut energy bills for residents

Octopus has switched on a new wind turbine to offer lower energy bills to its customers