‘UK’s slow progress in making homes greener’

New ONS data reveals slow progress in making UK homes more energy efficient, raising concerns about the UK’s ability to achieve its net zero target by 2050

UK electricity and gas price drop triggers inflation dip

Plummeting electricity and gas costs have driven drive a slowdown in July’s inflation rates, according to the Office for National Statistics

UK home energy bills climb higher

Household energy expenses remain on the rise, hitting wallets hard, according to a new report

Prepayment meter customers are ‘twice as likely to fall into debt’

Nearly 26% of adults who pay their gas or electricity upfront have reported using credit because of increases in the cost of living, data shows

UK’s low carbon and renewable energy economy jumps by a third in a year

Gross revenue and employment rate in these sectors are at the highest level since 2015, the ONS has said

Renters nearly three times more likely to experience energy insecurity

Residents of ethnic minorities and those aged 30 to 64 are more likely to face energy insecurity, according to the ONS report

Wasted wind energy could have powered 1.2m homes

Britain’s lack of storage meant 1.35TWh of wind energy between October 2022 and January this year was lost

UK government borrows £22bn to fight energy crisis

That’s according to official data from the ONS

UK gas prices see the largest week-on-week increase in 2022

The System Average Price of gas rose by 110%, according to the ONS

Energy bill support schemes predicted to lower inflation

The Energy Price Guarantee and the Energy Bill Relief Scheme will impact inflation statistics, the ONS has said