Almost half UK households struggling with energy bills

Nearly 48% of Britons find it ‘very or somewhat difficult’ to afford energy bills

Parents more likely to be behind on energy bill payments

Soaring energy prices have led to an increase in families’ cost of living, according to a report

UK imported ‘no oil, gas or coal from Russia in June’

It is the first time on record that the UK has not imported any fuel from Russia

Nearly 45% of Britons find it “very or somewhat difficult” to afford energy bills

Nearly 76% of customers feel ‘very or somewhat worried’ about rising costs, according to a survey

‘Nearly half of Britons have cut electricity and gas use’

Almost 24 million people were cutting energy use in their homes between March and June, according to a report

UK gas price shot up by 31% in last week of July

The ONS has said this is the sixth highest increase recorded this year

UK’s crude oil imports from Russia dropped to £0 in May

In April, the UK imported Russian petroleum worth around £59 million, according to official data

More people find it difficult to afford energy bills, ONS survey finds

Nearly 63% of Britons have lowered the temperature of their boiler to save money on their bills, according to a new report

UK emissions fell by 13% in 2020

Consumer spending remains the largest contributor to UK emissions, according to ONS data

More than half of Britons ‘have cut back on their energy use’

For 42% of bill payers it is “very” or “somewhat difficult” to afford their energy bills, according to a survey