Offshore oil and gas exploration licences awarded

The Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) has announced the remaining winners for exploration on the UK Continental Shelf. The regulator awarded 41 new licences as part of the 28th Offshore Licensing Round. This is in addition to the 134 winners announced in November last year. It was launched in January 2014 and a total of 173 applications were received. More than […]

Lebanon picks 46 firms to bid for offshore gas exploration

The Lebanese Government has chosen 46 international oil and gas companies to bid for offshore gas exploration in its Mediterranean waters. The country’s Energy Minister Gebran Bassil said 12 of the companies have been selected to bid as operators and the other 34 to bid as non-operators in the licensing round, starting next month. Total, […]

ENI-Rosneft Arctic deal reveals offshore trend

This week’s deal between ENI and Rosneft to explore the Russian Arctic reveals the growing importance of offshore oil and gas, according to analysts. This week the Italian and Russian energy firms said they would be looking for oil and gas together in the offshore Arctic region. “It reflects the broader industry trend of International […]

Mozambique at heart of East African gas boom

Mozambique is at the heart of a rush for East African gas, according to analysts at the Economist Intelligence Unit. They believe firms are looking in new locations for gas because historically producing areas such as the Middle East are tricky to break into. Peter Kiernan, Energy Analyst claims the “biggest story” is offshore gas […]