Buoyant oil and gas pumps £35bn into UK economy

British oil and gas companies serving some of the world’s biggest fuel names like BP and Shell make up £35 billion worth of revenue to the British economy. That’s according to an extensive new survey of the UK supply chain which finds there is “strong demand” for its skills and products with international opportunities growing. […]

Drop ahead for UK oil and gas production prompts “serious concerns”

An expected drop in oil and gas production in the North Sea within the next couple of years has prompted “serious concerns” from trade body Oil and Gas UK. Its Economics Report 2013 published today found production last year declined by 14.5% to 567 million barrels of oil equivalent or 1.54 million boe per day […]

3D offshore workers scan to boost safety

UK researchers have launched a project to improve safety on offshore rigs and helicopters by using a 3D scanner to measure the size of workers. Claimed to be the “first of its kind” in more than 25 years, the £150,000 project aims to design and assess three-dimensional measurements on a sample of around 600 offshore […]

Confidence increasing in UK oil and gas sector

The confidence of Britain’s oil and gas industry is increasing steadily, which could be down to the tax changes announced by the Government last year. Oil & Gas UK, the trade body for the UK offshore industry, revealed the sector scored 60 out of 100 in the final quarter of 2012 in its ‘Business Confidence […]

UK oil production falls to lowest since 1970s

The UK is producing less oil and gas than it was in the 1970s. The Government say this decline was due to maintenance activities and slowdowns, which resulted in a net import dependency the highest seen since 1976. Oil production was 17.5% lower than in 2010 and was also the lowest level of production since […]

Stalling oil and gas growth is being ‘masked’

The UK’s offshore oil and gas sector is “fighting hard to stand still” when it should be thriving, claims a leading trade body. Oil & Gas UK which represents more than 200 offshore firms yesterday warned the sector’s shrinking growth is being “masked” by the short-term success of a few large projects. The warning comes […]

Oil and gas firms face recruitment fight

The battle lines are being drawn for a recruitment fight between the oil and gas sector and the renewables industry. Malcolm Webb, chief executive of trade body Oil and Gas UK, has said that his sector must act now to stop top university graduates being poached by renewable firms. Mr Webb said it was vital […]