Webinar: Capitalising from clean energy: finding the right on-site solution

This free webinar will be brought to you live tomorrow at 11:00 AM.

Webinar: Capitalising from clean energy: finding the right on-site solution

This free webinar will be brought to you live tomorrow at 11:00AM.

Guest Blog: Gab Barbaro – On-site energy generation is coming of age

In June, the CBI released a report that recognised the increasing role of on-site energy generation in meeting the energy needs of Britain’s businesses. It’s widely acknowledged that energy costs are likely to come under increasing pressure from issues such as growing network and distribution costs and climate change levies. I’ve no doubt that on-site […]

EU wants to reboot data centres with renewable energy

How do you design data centres so they can make better use of renewable energy? That’s the question posed by researchers in a new EU-backed project with a budget of £3 million. High profile tech firms such as Facebook and Google are using renewable energy to power their data centres – but others are not […]

Firms ‘must sort their property rights before getting solar panels’

Firms must get their property rights “buttoned up” first if they are planning to get solar panels, according to legal experts. Solar panels are becoming popular with firms looking to trim their energy costs. A recent report found on-site energy generation such as solar or wind power could help UK businesses save around £33 billion […]

Guest Blog: Mark Stokes – Coming of age – on-site energy generation?

The imperative for on-site generation has never been as compelling as in today’s energy climate. We’ve all become very familiar with the uncertainty of rising energy prices, sharply reducing capacity margins and our ageing energy infrastructure. What we’re less familiar with is the potential role on-site energy generation could play in helping meet our future […]

UK firms could save £33bn by generating energy on site

On-site energy generation could help UK businesses save around £33 billion by 2030, a new study claims. It could also contribute to 14% of the nation’s energy needs as well as save 350 million tonnes of carbon emissions, according to energy consultancy Utilyx which commissioned the report. Electricity and heat generated on-site from sources such […]

Opus Energy signs three hydro-powered projects in Scotland

A UK energy supplier has signed up three new hydro-powered energy generation plants in Scotland, adding to its existing portfolio of wind, solar and anaerobic digestion. The first of the new agreements include two plants with a total capacity of 57KW at the Auchencheyne Farm and a third 190KW plant at a Selcoth Farm in […]

Catalyst and Solar2Energy to bring free solar power to its customers

Catalyst, a market leading energy consultant who provides energy procurement services, sustainability and environmental services, announced their partnership. Through this partnership, Solar2Energy will be offering its full end to end photovoltaic solution to catalysts clients to allow them to benefit from their own on site generation with no capital outlay. This is possible due to […]