Electricity pylon
Energy customers miss out on £5.1m compensation from network operators

A new report by Citizens Advice suggests many customers miss out on payment because they forget to apply or are unaware

UK oil and gas operators to lay off more jobs

Oil and gas operators in the North Sea are expected to lay off more jobs in the UK. The latest industry survey found confidence is low, with operators saying they have seen a 15% cut in their UK-based headcount in the past 12 months. They expect a further reduction of 17% in the coming year. […]

Confidence increasing in UK oil and gas sector

The confidence of Britain’s oil and gas industry is increasing steadily, which could be down to the tax changes announced by the Government last year. Oil & Gas UK, the trade body for the UK offshore industry, revealed the sector scored 60 out of 100 in the final quarter of 2012 in its ‘Business Confidence […]