Kellogg’s to only use gr-r-r-eat palm oil in cereals

When you pour a bowl of cereal for breakfast, do you ever pause to wonder where its ingredients came from? You might give it a second thought after global brand Kellogg’s announced plans to only use responsibly sourced palm oil in its cereals. The cornflakes’ maker has announced that by 31 December 2015, its supply […]

Unilever gets fifth of energy from renewables

The Marmite-making multinational corporation which also brings us Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and Hellman’s mayonaise this week touted its environmental credentials. Unilever says renewable energy now contributes a fifth of its total energy use, while 100% of the electricity it buys in Europe is now from renewable sources. The firm released a report on […]

Are biofuels really all that green?

A study lead by researchers from the University of Leicester has revealed the impacts of using biofuels from oil palm plantations may be more damaging than previously thought. The team conducted work on behalf of the think tank International Council on Clean Transportation. The team concluded that a value of 86 tonnes of carbon dioxide […]