Blog: Politicians' energy promises? As meaningful as a karaoke showdown

The post-party conference season’s Annual Karaoke Showdown is in full swing: competition is hotting up. Ed Balls has already done a hip-swinging Elvis rendition of “A little less conversation” and he’s promised to wheel out Greased Lightning so he can bring out his signature hand move from the Commons. Theresa May raised a few eyebrows […]

Ed Balls slams “energy policy in chaos”

Labour’s Ed Balls described the Government’s energy policy as “in chaos” today in a speech at his party’s conference in Brighton. The Shadow Chancellor picked up on the Green Investment Bank which some have criticised as slow to lend as an example of how Labour could do better than the Government to get things going. […]

Reactions to Miliband’s “scrap Ofgem” pledge

Labour leader Ed Miliband declared over the weekend he wanted to scrap the regulator Ofgem because it isn’t using its powers to make bills lower for consumers. But not many openly agree they are ready to see the regulator go just yet. Although the Energy Networks Association would not comment on whether it agreed with […]