Solar firms threaten legal action against EU-China deal

European solar manufacturers said they plan on filing a lawsuit against the agreement reached between the EU and China over the trade dispute. Solar panel manufacturer association EU ProSun, which represents around 40 firms, said it would go to the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg to challenge the deal. The new proposal sets a […]

EU plans up to 68% tariffs on Chinese solar panels

Chinese solar panel manufacturers could face import tariffs of up to 68% in the European Union, according to reports. The tariffs will range from 37% to 67.9% and is expected to come into effect by next month, with larger manufacturers facing duties on the higher end, reports claim. They are intended to protect European solar […]

“Severe” delay to Renewable Heat scheme disappoints

The “severe” delay to the start of a scheme to promote renewable heat sources has been described as a “setback” for industry confidence. Yesterday the Government announced it was pushing back the start of the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) which gives grants to help people put heat pumps in their homes. A temporary scheme […]

Concern over DECC’s ‘slow growth’ plans for solar

The renewables industry has welcomed the Government’s new support levels for solar but said it doesn’t understand its rationale for “slow growth”. The news comes as DECC announced subsidies for solar energy yesterday, higher than what it initially proposed but said the levels of support are “intended to encourage slow but steady deployment”. Mike Landy, […]

New renewable heat proposals offer ‘reassurance’

The Government’s new renewable heat support has offered “reassurance” about the potential of renewables. UK renewable players have welcomed DECC’s additional support for domestic heat installations such as ground heat pumps, deep geothermal heat and combined heat and power. The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) offers subsidy to householders for the heat produced by their installed […]

DECC’s solar cuts “too big and too soon”

DECC’s new proposal to cut tariffs on solar installations are “too big and too soon”. That’s the view of the Solar Trade Association (STA) who have slammed last week’s Government’s consultation on solar support. DECC have proposed a reduction for large-scale solar installations from 2ROCs/MWh to 1.5 ROCs/MWh from March next year. But the STA […]

Solar a “no brainer” investment

Solar is a “no brainer” investment which will continue to attract domestic properties in the UK despite the Government’s reduction in Feed-in-Tariffs (FiTs). The Solar Trade Association (STA) used a ‘Calculator’ system for its members and showed the returns domestic consumers can expect. The company found the outcome despite solar tariffs reducing from 21p per […]

Government “blown it again” on solar FiTs

The Government has “blown it again” in the solar sector, according to campaigners who are cross with the Energy Secretary Ed Davey for failing to say when the next round of cuts to the solar Feed-in Tariff (FiT) will take place. Yesterday in Parliament the Energy Secretary hinted the date for the FiTs cut might […]

DECC solar appeal forced into shade by Supreme Court

The sun has set on DECC’s plan to cut the solar Feed-In Tariff after the Supreme Court ruled it could not appeal against a previous judgement. At the end of last year DECC wanted to halve the FiT for solar panels installed after 12 December, two weeks before the end of a consultation into cutting […]

Solar singled out for ‘rough treatment’ in Budget

Solar power was singled out for “rough treatment” in the Budget, according to the industry’s largest trade body. The Solar Trade Association, which represents around 450 companies working in solar thermal and solar power, found fault with the Chancellor’s 2012 Budget announcement yesterday. In the Budget, solar power wasn’t included under the Enhanced Capital Allowances […]