Amateur gardeners to be banned from using peat compost from 2024

Peatlands are the UK’s largest carbon store but only around 13% are said to be in a near-natural state

UK’s protected peatlands being hit by illegal fires, finds new report

An investigation by Greenpeace suggests more than 250 fires took place over six months despite the new ban

National Grid restores ancient peat bog in South Wales

The bog consists of 350,000 cubic metres of peat, which stores the equivalent carbon emitted from 22,000 cars

Government criticised over ‘toothless’ biodiversity strategy

EAC says biodiversity loss is not being treated with the same urgency and ambition as climate change

Wales launches action plan to manage carbon-storing peatlands

Peat is made up of organic carbon which has been trapped in the earth for thousands of years and plays a crucial role in naturally trapping and storing carbon

Conserving tropical peatlands ‘is vital to protecting humans from infectious disease’

An international study team led by the University of Exeter suggests protecting such areas could even reduce the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic

Biomass and peat power plant to remain open until 2030

Ireland’s planning board has given approval for the continued operation of the Edenderry power plant. It has an installed capacity of up to 128 MW of electricity, co-fired with peat and biomass and supplies about 2.5% of Ireland’s national requirement. It is operated by Edenderry Power Ltd (EPL), a subsidiary of Bord na Móna. An […]