Canadian pension fund pours $300m into Octopus Energy

The deal is expected to push the company’s valuation close to $5 billion

New York’s $226bn pension fund to divest from fossil fuels by 2025

It has set a long term goal to transition its portfolio to net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040

Swansea Council’s pension fund to invest £30m in green energy companies

The fund will invest in a range of solar and wind power infrastructure projects that aim to deliver long-term benefits for the fund and climate change

UK £30bn pension fund threatens asset managers over climate risk

Brunel Pension Partnership believes the finance sector is ‘not fit for purpose’ and wants investment managers to align their emissions with the Paris benchmarks by 2022

Norway’s largest pension fund KLP divests from oil sands

It will also no longer invest in companies that derive more than 5% of their revenue from such firms

Norway’s $1tn fund to cut oil and gas investments

The government intends to make the fund less vulnerable to a permanent drop in oil prices

Not all of UK’s pension funds taking climate risks into account

The Environmental Audit Committee said six out of 25 industry leaders do not formally consider climate change as a strategic danger

New York appoints first-ever decarbonisation advisory panel

The trustee of the $209.1 billion (£151bn) Retirement Fund will be advised on how best to mitigate investment risks stemming from climate change

Norwegian pension giant launches fossil free fund

A Norwegian pension giant has announced the launch of a €1.1 billion (£0.9bn) fossil free fund. Storebrand, Norway’s largest private investor with a 34% share of its pension market, says the fund does not invest in companies where more than 5% of revenue comes from fossil fuel production and distribution. It is also calling on […]

New York State’s pension fund goes green

New York State’s pension fund has joined a multi-trillion dollar decarbonisation portfolio. The New York State Common Retirement Fund (CRF), which is the third largest public pension fund in the US and has $184.5 billion (£147.2bn) in assets, is the first major group of its kind to join the Portfolio Decarbonisation Coalition (PDC). The portfolio has more […]