Literally paving the way to Scottish tidal power

Building began on a 340-metre road to access a new “tidal stream” project in Scotland yesterday. The construction paves the way for the 398 megawatt (MW) tidal array to be built off the coast of Caithness, said Atlantis Resources which is the majority owner. Once the whole MeyGen project is done, 269 turbines will sit […]

North Scotland’s tides ‘could power half of Scotland’

Tides off the north coast of Scotland could power half the country according to new research. Engineers at the Universities of Oxford and Edinburgh looked at how much tidal power could be generated by turbines placed in the Pentland Firth, the strip of water between mainland Scotland and the Orkney islands. They estimate 1.9 gigawatts […]

Pentland Firth could provide ‘half of Scotland’s electricity’

Tidal turbines in the currents between the Scottish mainland and the Orkney Island have the potential to generate up to 1.9GW of power – equivalent to almost half of Scotland’s electricity needs. That’s according to researchers at Oxford University whose new study highlights the huge potential of tidal power in the Pentland Firth and says […]

£10m energy challenge will see “renaissance” of skills

A £10 million prize launched yesterday to harness marine power in Scotland could make the country a world leader in renewable energy. The Saltire Prize competition, funded by the Scottish tax payer, will pit four private companies against each other to see who can generate the most power from the sea. The devices installed in […]

Scotland launches first marine energy park

Scotland’s first marine energy park is set to be launched today which will be built in the north of the country. The Pentland Firth and Orkney Waters will include the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC), where testing of a wide range of wave and tidal energy devices are already under way and will help boost […]

Three renewables projects secure £13m funding

A trio of Scottish renewable energy infrastructure projects were awarded more than £13m yesterday. The money has come from the Scottish government’s Highlands and Islands Enterprise. In Caithness, £5m will be spent to develop Scrabster Harbour so it can accommodate future wave and tidal energy business. In Orkney, the HIE plans to invest £2.95m to […]