New ‘stringent’ environmental permit approved for Surrey oil site

It imposes several improved conditions required to meet the environmental standards within which industry can operate

Angus Energy granted new permits for oil site in Surrey

They set out the stringent conditions the company must comply with to ensure the environment and local people are protected

Views sought on application for gas extraction from old mine shafts

Alkane Energy has applied for an Environmental Permit to carry out the drilling of a borehole at Rufford Hills Farm in Nottinghamshire

Permit granted to operate Hertfordshire recycling facility

A waste management firm has been granted permission to operate a proposed recycling and energy recovery plant in Hertfordshire. The facility in New Barnfield, Hatfield (pictured) is expected to have the capacity to process 380,000 tonnes of waste and create around 350 jobs during the construction phase. The permit from the Environment Agency for Veolia […]