Electricity North West chief executive to retire

The search for the new chief executive is now underway, with the aim to conclude the process by the end of 2022

Greens protest against Drax big biomass

ELN reports from outside the offices of Drax where green protestors claim big biomass is actually more harmful for the environment than burning coal. Hear their view and the response from Drax.

Drax draws near end of £100m turbine upgrade

Drax Power Station says it is a month away from completing the largest steam turbine modernisation programme in UK history. The project to cut its carbon dioxide emissions by one million tonnes a year has taken five years to complete and cost £100 million. Drax says this will strengthen the power plant in Yorkshire’s position as […]

BOC joins Alstom and Drax on CCS project

Specialist gas producer BOC has joined Alstom and Drax as a co-developer on a 426MW oxy-fired carbon capture and storage project. The project will link into the Humber Cluster CO2 transport and off-shore storage network currently under development by National Grid. Peter Emery, Drax’s Production Director said: “We are confident that the combination of major […]