Bentley to leave British Gas?

British Gas boss Phil Bentley may be about to step down from his post according to reports today. The energy supplier is likely to announce his unexpected departure around the same time as its annual results next month reported the Scotsman, citing inside sources. Centrica would not comment on the rumours. Mr Bentley previously worked […]

British Gas announces 6% price hike

British Gas domestic energy prices are set to rise by an average of £80 a year. The  supplier has announced a 6% rise for gas and electricity prices from November 16th which will affect around 12 million households. The news comes despite Centrica, owner of British Gas, making £1.45 billion in profits in the first […]

Suppliers agree households need simpler bills

Simpler household bills was the common message from energy suppliers today at the House of Commons. Alistair Phillips-Davies, Generation and Supply Director at SSE said energy bills need to be simplified for consumers at the Energy and Climate Change Committee’s evidence session this morning. He joined other UK suppliers after being called in by the […]

Are energy suppliers being proactive enough?

The heads of UK energy suppliers were quizzed today on whether they are being proactive enough in helping people get lower bills. The questioning came from MPs on the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee at the House of Commons this morning, where they grilled top executives from the “Big Six” suppliers about how they […]

Ovo Energy cancels price rises as wholesale costs drop

Independent energy supplier Ovo Energy has decided to cancel its intended January price rise for its variable rate customers due to a drop in wholesale costs. Ovo Energy said it would increase gas and electricity prices by 3.5% for 10,000 of its customers. Audrey Gallacher, Director of Energy at Consumer Focus has welcomed the news: […]

Simplifying tariffs is the right first step

The Big Six has started to change the way it operates, which has been noted by consumer groups. Last night British Gas MD, Phil Bentley, conceded that they “had not made it easy for customers” and the confusing tariffs used by power suppliers were the cause for a lack of trust. Adam Scorer, Consumer Focus […]

British Gas says it now has simpler tariffs

The managing director of British Gas has announced the company will aim to regain trust in the consumer through two types of fixed and variable tariff as the power suppliers aim to increase simplicity following Ofgem’s recent market review. Phil Bentley, Managing Director of British Gas said: “It’s time for change. It’s clear that the […]

British Gas and npower freeze prices ahead of energy summit

In the lead up to the crunch meeting this afternoon between Government, the regulator Ofgem and the energy suppliers, Big Six firms British Gas and npower have beaten the competition by promising a price freeze until next year. npower says its prices won’t change for two winters until Spring 2013. Volker Beckers, CEO of RWE […]