Ofgem’s new powers to protect businesses from ‘rogue’ brokers

Energy regulator Ofgem can now take direct action against brokers that mis-sell energy to business customers. It has gained new powers to clamp down on ‘rogue’ brokers and other organisations that market products or services to business customers in a misleading way. The energy regulator can stop brokers from using misleading marketing tactics and apply […]

Tenants could save £190 on energy bills by switching

Bill payers living in rented accommodation could save an average of £190 by switching energy suppliers, Ofgem reveals. The regulator has published guidance for tenants setting out their energy rights as it believes many may not know the potential gains that could come from switching suppliers. Its survey found 77% of tenants have never switched […]

Ofgem to protect businesses from ‘rogue’ energy brokers

Energy watchdog Ofgem is urging the Government to give it more powers to act against “rogue” energy brokers that mis-sell and mislead businesses in the UK. The regulator claims the new “powers” would strengthen its proposed reforms to make the energy market clearer and fairer for businesses and is part of its wider aim to […]