The Energy Impact of Mobile Phones

Often when we think about climate change, the main carbon emissions that we think of are made by heavy industrial industries like transportation, mining, and petroleum. Rarely do we consider the impact that computer technology has on the environment.

Could a flying solar-powered phone tower become a reality?

Alta Devices says its solar devices could allow high altitude unmanned aerial vehicles the ability to stay in the air for much longer than currently possible

Samsung to recycle millions of faulty Galaxy Note 7 phones

Samsung has unveiled plans to recycle and process faulty Galaxy Note 7 phones in an “environmentally friendly manner”. It will refurbish non-problematic components, such as cameras and alarms, of the estimated 4.3 million phones so they can be used and resold in future phones. For components that can’t be repurposed, the company will extract and […]

How much cash do your friends owe you for electronic recharges?

Have you ever wondered how much your freeloading friends’ electronic recharges really cost you? A new tool now allows you to calculate just that! But before you start chasing them for costs, bear in mind the Charger Tariff Calculator shows just how little it costs to charge electronic devices. The tool launched by takes […]

E.ON launches ‘energy toolkit’ for small businesses

The Big Six energy supplier E.ON has launched a new ‘energy toolkit’ which shows small businesses how energy is being used so they can uncover and eliminate waste. The free wireless energy monitor E.ON is handing out to its business customers works in near real time – updating every 10 seconds so they can see […]

O2 on track to meet most – but not all – CO2 targets

The mobile phone operator O2 says it’s on track to meet most of the sustainability targets the company has set itself as part of its Think Big Blueprint programme. Despite this confidence the firm – which is owned by Spanish telecoms giant Telefonica – has confessed there are around 15 “challenging” targets which are proving trickier […]

Watch football in the pub or on tablet – it cuts ‘carbon bootprint’

Would you rather watch the nation’s favourite game in the comfort of your home in front of the big screen or with the lads in a pub? Well, if you’ve always enjoyed the latter, then you’ve been, unknowingly, doing your bit for the environment! A new report by Carbon Trust has revealed sharing a television […]