Building More panel discussion

Tony Ward, Kevin McCullough, Sara Vaughan and Piers Clark discuss building more at Energy Live 2013.

Piers Clark: We've been paying too little for energy in the past

The commercial director at Thames Water believes Britain has been paying “too little” for energy in the past. Speaking to ELN at the Energy Live 2013 conference, Piers Clark (pictured) said energy prices won’t be coming down as the nation have yet to pay the “full cost”. He said: “I think energy prices are only […]

Use water efficiently to cut energy costs

Householders and businesses are being advised to reduce their energy costs by using water more efficiently. Piers Clark, Commercial Director at Thames Water believes consumers can do more around their water and energy footprint. He told ELN: “It’s worth remembering that, certainly for domestic properties, 40% of the energy bill is spent on heating water […]

Water and energy – the perfect mix

Why do water and energy matter? What can consumers do to cut both their water and energy footprint? And what are water companies doing to play their part? ELN Editor Sumit Bose talks to Piers Clark, Commercial Director at Thames Water.

Thames Water’s Piers Clark to make waves at EL2013

Thames Water’s commercial director Piers Clark is set to make waves when he takes to the stage at Energy Live 2013 in November. The business water supply sector is on the cusp of a transformation as regulators try to flush stagnant business contracts out of the British water system by bringing in more competition. It’s […]

Thames Water gets first Scottish customer

Thames Water today hailed a “landmark” deal as it won its first business customer in Scotland. The water seller will deal with the billing and accounts for Irish hotel chain Jurys Inn for three Scottish hotels, in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow. Piers Clark, director of Thames Water Commercial Services, said: “Winning our first business customer […]

Molluscs musselled out by the water companies

Water companies have started blasting infestations of mussels out of their pipes with a new weapon called a BioBullet. The molluscs cost the UK water companies millions every year as they clog up our pipes. The Zebra mussels, which are thought to have come from as far away as Eastern Europe multiply out of control […]

Reeds blow algae out of the water

Floating reed-beds could hold the key to stopping dramatic blooms of algae fouling up water treatment works. Algal blooms which are common in summer, are triggered by certain levels of sunlight and warmth – and they’re a big headache for water companies. They spring up dramatically and can severely reduce a water works’ output by […]