Pigs in a pen
World’s largest pork producer goes the whole hog for climate change

Smithfield Foods will work with Dominion Energy to capture and use waste methane

What’s the pig idea for Morrisons supplier? Solar

A Lincolnshire farming company that produces 14,000 pigs a year for Morrisons supermarket has plumped for solar power to keep its piggies warm. Patrick Dean Ltd wanted to lower the energy costs of its 570 sow unit. Two new solar PV systems on the rooftop and a third on the ground should generate 170,000kWh and […]

Blog: Selling energy with pigs is oinking ridiculous

Disclaimer: peddling energy with cute or fuzzy mascots is my ultimate pet peeve. I’ve had my guns levelled at EDF Energy’s stupid creature Zingy for years – if I could bring it to an untimely demise by sticking the thing in a plug socket, I would. Sadly this darkest of endings is outside my grasp. […]

Campaigners have ‘Pig Idea’ to recycle food waste

Campaigners are calling on people return to the age-old practice of feeding food waste to pigs. ‘Pig bins’ into which food waste was thrown were a common sight in canteens and school across Britain as late as the 1990s. They were banned in 2001 following the foot and mouth crisis and in 2003 the ban […]

Pigs in the sun…

How solar powered pig pens are spreading the sustainability message in Hackney