Coronavirus or Climate Change – which is more of a worry?

Energy Live News Reporter Dimitris Mavrokefalidis went down to Westminster last week to find out…

Climate change more important than Brexit, say majority of Brits

Around 61% of people believe the government isn’t doing enough to prioritise climate change

Majority of UK public ‘want urgent political action to tackle climate change’

In a new poll, 71% of people want their MP to back ambitious plans to protect nature and curb rising temperatures

Tory wind opposition “at odds” with public opinion

Conservative MPs’ opposition to onshore wind farms is at odds with public opinion, suggests a new poll by ComRes. The survey of MPs alongside a poll of the public found four out of five of Tory MPs (78%) are opposed to onshore wind. That’s despite 84% of the population believing investment in renewables is important to […]

Poll: Consumers want Big Six stranglehold broken

Consumers want the Government to break the stranglehold of the Big Six on Britain’s energy market, a new poll has found. More than eight in ten (82%) want government to intervene to create more competition and let smaller suppliers in on the game, according to a survey commissioned by Co-operative Energy, one such small supplier. […]

Public backs an energy price freeze – poll

The surprise price freeze pledge has been bashed by energy suppliers, commentators and – predictably – the Tory Chancellor George Osborne. But Labour’s promise to keep energy bills static between May 2015 and January 2017 should they win the general election has struck a chord with the public, suggests a new poll by YouGov for […]

Only third of public can name a ‘sustainable’ company

Just a third of the public can name an environmentally ‘sustainable’ company according to a new poll released yesterday. The poll of 1,819 adults conducted by YouGov on behalf of the Carbon Trust earlier this month found two thirds (68%) of the general public were unable to name a company taking the issue of environmental […]

Small businesses braced for energy price hikes

More than nine out of ten small business owners (94%) are braced for energy price hikes in the near future, with two thirds (67%) expecting prices to shoot up by over 10% in the next year. According to a new survey by price comparison site Make it Cheaper, energy bills are seen as the “most […]

Lukewarm public reaction to smart meters

The public reaction to smart meters remains lukewarm, a new report by DECC revealed. It has released the third wave of results in a four-part survey examining public perceptions of the energy gadget set to be rolled out across the country. Interest in having a smart meter installed remained steady with four in ten saying […]

Energy and fuel prices the biggest worries for consumers

Energy and fuel prices are the biggest worries for a growing number of consumers concerned about rises in the cost of living. That’s according to a monthly survey of more than 2,000 people by the ‘Which? Consumer Insight Tracker’. It found a whopping 79% were worried about the growing cost of energy and fuel, with […]