Nine in ten British businesses worried about energy security

Nearly nine in ten British businesses (88%) are worried about the security of their energy supply according a joint report from the Major Energy Users’ Council (MEUC) and energy solutions firm Power Efficiency. Ofgem recently warned the UK could face ‘brownouts’ and ‘blackouts’ in 2015-16, as spare capacity could drop to 4% from its current […]

NHS ‘faces £2.3billion energy cost shortfall’

The NHS faces a “severe” budget shortfall of £2.3billion because of rapidly escalating energy costs, it was claimed today. While the growing costs of care for the elderly have dominated recent headlines, behind the scenes there could well be another struggle with rocketing energy inflation. Hospitals are very energy intensive, with processes like imaging, radiology […]

Sing for your savings

ELN finds out how Royal Opera house has teamed up with other arts organisations to save energy bills

Buying Your Energy More Successfully

The Major Energy Users’ Council (MEUC) has places still available if you want to join energy buyers from leading businesses to learn more about “Gas and Electricity Purchasing Principles and Practice” at next month’s special courses. The three training days organised by the MEUC will be held at London’s South Bank University on 7th February […]

Business energy costs predicted to rise 81% in a decade

Business energy costs could rise as much as 81% over the next decade, according to a new forecast by market analysts Waters Wye Associates. It predicts that by 2021, fuel bills in the UK commerce and public sector will rise from from £10.3 billion to £18.7 billion a year. Power Efficiency, which commissioned the research […]

Upgrading generation will cost more than upgrading our infrastructure

Upgrading the UK’s energy generation will cost more than upgrading our infrastructure, according to industry expert Julius Brinkworth. The Director of Energy Projects at Power Efficiency told an audience at The Energy Event in Birmingham today: “We need to upgrade our network, upgrade our generation. It will cost more to upgrade whole of UK network […]

More firms must stop door-to-door sales, say Consumer Focus  

British Gas have agreed to Consumer Focus’ request for an immediate three-month moratorium on energy cold-calling. The consumer champions say that all of the Big Six must join them and SSE to explore alternatives. According to Consumer Focus cold call doorstep sales have led to hundreds of thousands of people paying more for their energy […]

Landlords fear up to 50% energy price rise

Landlords fear energy price rises of up to 50% in the next three years, according to new research released today. The news comes hot on the heels of Scottish Power’s recent price increase of up to 19% for gas and electricity by 10%, with other energy firms widely expected to follow suit in the near […]