Britain charges up Ukraine

The UK will donate more than 500 mobile generators to power essential facilities, including hospitals

World might be “48 hours away from possible Chernobyl radiation leak”

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister said there is a power outage at Chernobyl power station

Racist power cuts? Minorities in Texas more likely to have blackouts

Areas mostly inhabited by people of white background had an 11% chance of suffering an outage compared to a 47% chance in high minority share areas, according to a new report

Texans see 300-fold rise in their energy bills after blackouts

Energy suppliers pleaded to their customers to leave them as electricity prices skyrocketed

Duke Energy restores supply to 368,000 homes in thunderstorm-hit Carolinas

Repair efforts are underway to reinstate electricity to all 500,000 affected homes

UKPN: ‘Coronavirus power outage reports are fake news’

Basil Scarsella, CEO of UK Power Networks, said: ‘Power will stay on in the UK’

Majority of businesses ‘don’t have formalised energy strategy in place’

Around 77% of firms believe a quarter of energy needs will be generated onsite by 2025

Majority of Americans ‘concerned about power grid cyber attacks’

More than 60% of Americans believe the nation’s power transmission grid is vulnerable to either cyber or physical attacks from foreign enemies. That’s according to a new poll, which also reveals less than 9% of people believe the US Government is doing everything to protect the grid from a potential attack. It adds nearly 64% […]

California storm causes two-day blackouts

Power has been restored within 48 hours after a massive storm hit parts of Southern California. More than half a million homes were left without power when heavy snow and rainfall battered remote and hard to access areas. A gas and electricity company worked around the clock to restore electricity to over half a million […]

China to ‘set up solar power station in Nepal’

China is reportedly planning to install a solar energy power station in Nepal. Reports claim the Nepal Government has shown interest in lighting up the Singha Durbar (pictured), the official seat of the Government, in the capital city of Kathmandu with solar panels. Keshav Dhoj Adhikary, Joint Secretary at Nepal’s Energy Ministry is quoted as […]