SP Energy Networks restores electricity system with renewables

The company has completed a trial that demonstrates the restoration of the electricity system using only renewable energy sources in the event of a major power outage

How could watermelons and beers help Britons through blackouts?

Staying hydrated in the case of an extreme water shortage is essential, according to reported leaked government documents

Banks forge homeworking and relocation plan in the event of blackouts

UK Finance is reportedly in talks with its members to agree on contingency plans over potential power outages

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Whitehall departments could introduce retro measures in an emergency scenario this winter

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A live trial in Scotland has demonstrated how hydro generators could be used to fire up Britain’s electricity grid

Britain charges up Ukraine

The UK will donate more than 500 mobile generators to power essential facilities, including hospitals

World might be “48 hours away from possible Chernobyl radiation leak”

Ukraine’s Foreign Minister said there is a power outage at Chernobyl power station

Racist power cuts? Minorities in Texas more likely to have blackouts

Areas mostly inhabited by people of white background had an 11% chance of suffering an outage compared to a 47% chance in high minority share areas, according to a new report

Texans see 300-fold rise in their energy bills after blackouts

Energy suppliers pleaded to their customers to leave them as electricity prices skyrocketed

Duke Energy restores supply to 368,000 homes in thunderstorm-hit Carolinas

Repair efforts are underway to reinstate electricity to all 500,000 affected homes