UK approves two new gas-fired power plants

Two new gas-fired power stations have been given the thumbs up by the UK Government. Progress Power and Hirwaun Power will build the plants – which will have a total capacity of 299MW – in Eye, Suffolk and near Aberdare in South Wales. Both will operate as “peaking” plants, i.e. they will provide electricity when […]

We’re A-OK for winter gas – but power is a problem says National Grid

A heightened risk of blackouts is on the horizon this winter with power margins looking particularly tight, according to National Grid’s annual report. The grid operator’s Winter Outlook published today described the UK’s gas supply position as “strong” but it’s a bleaker picture for power. It has three power plants on standby for emergencies, under […]

US unveils new plan to slash power plant emissions

The US power sector must cut carbon emissions by 30% by 2030 compared to 2005 levels under new rules proposed by the Government. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) unveiled new guidelines under the Clean Power Plan proposal, which is expected to move the US towards a “cleaner environment and help fight climate change”. It follows […]

US environment body takes public views on carbon standards for power plants

Today the United States’ Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is holding a public hearing on plans for more stringent pollution standards in power stations. The hearing in Washington D.C. will last all day and take views from the public on proposals to bring in a national limit for the amount of carbon emitted by new power […]

EU unveils clean air package to tackle pollution

A new package of measures aimed at tackling pollution and improving air quality in the European Union has been unveiled. The draft proposal includes revised legal limits on how much each member state can emit from a list of major pollutants as well as new law to cut emissions from medium-sized industrial installations such as […]

US puts $84m into cheaper Carbon Capture & Storage

New cash to fund research into lowering the costs of capturing carbon dioxide from power plants has been announced by the United States. Its Department of Energy (DOE) is awarding $84 million (£52.3m) to 18 projects in a bid to limit emissions from new and existing coal-fired power plants. Projects being funded include $12.8 million […]

Lords vote to limit coal-fired carbon emissions

The House of Lords yesterday voted in favour of forcing coal-fired power plants to cut their greenhouse gas emissions. The Government was defeated by the Labour party by 237 to 193 as the Lords agreed to get plant operators to apply the Emissions Performance Standard (EPS) to cut their carbon emissions. Power plants using coal, […]

Britain could face power cuts 'next winter'

Britain could be hit by power cuts as early as next winter as electricity supply in the country is “close to it limits”, experts warn. The UK’s power capacity margin – which is the difference between the amount of energy that can be generated and the possible peak demand – is expected to be low […]

Angela Merkel supports back-loading in EU carbon market

Newly re-elected German Chancellor Angela Merkel is in favour of a ‘back-loading’ measure in the EU’s carbon markets to push up carbon prices. Proposals to temporarily ditch 900 million credits – which businesses buy and trade depending on their carbon emissions – need Germany’s backing to pass in the European parliament. Speaking on Wednesday at […]

New US limits on power plant emissions

New standards to cut carbon emissions from new-built power plants have been released by the US Government. Under the proposals set by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), new large natural gas-fired turbines would need to meet a limit of 1,000lbs of CO2 per megawatt hour while new small natural gas-fired turbines would need to […]