‘US clean power capacity exceeds 200GW’

The US added 27.7GW of clean power capacity last year, according to new research

UK to hold CfD auctions every year

The Business Secretary said the change in the frequency will boost renewable energy generation

US produced the least energy emissions in 2020 ‘than it has in four decades’

Carbon emissions are expected rise by 7% in 2021 as the US emerges from the pandemic and travel and the economy start to grow again

New York adopts new regulations to reduce power sector emissions

It will ensure regional emissions are 65% below the baseline by 2030

Global power industry spent $5.91bn in February 2020

This value marked an increase of 111.1% over the previous month but a drop of 42.1% when compared with the last 12-month average of $10.2bn

Global coal demand and carbon emissions ‘at lowest point in decades’

As coal generation dropped in 2019, wind and solar generation rose by 15%, generating 8% of the world’s electricity

Massachusetts governor sets out 2050 net zero commitment

Governor Charlie Baker made the announcement while delivering the 2020 State of the Commonwealth Address yesterday

Coal mine
US coal exports reach five-year high in 2018

They have risen since 2016 as international prices have made it more economic for US producers to sell the fuel source overseas

US fossil fuel use in power sector at 23-year low

It was driven by a reduction in coal and oil consumption, with a slightly offsetting increase in natural gas consumption

‘Coal risk could cost Chinese power sector $237bn’

China’s power sector is likely to face serious challenges in the next few years, with coal risk potentially costing the nation up to $237 billion (£248bn). That’s the prediction from a new Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) report, which suggests rapid growth, generous subsidies and regional competition in the last decade led to 35% oversupply across […]