US fossil fuel use in power sector at 23-year low

It was driven by a reduction in coal and oil consumption, with a slightly offsetting increase in natural gas consumption

‘Coal risk could cost Chinese power sector $237bn’

China’s power sector is likely to face serious challenges in the next few years, with coal risk potentially costing the nation up to $237 billion (£248bn). That’s the prediction from a new Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) report, which suggests rapid growth, generous subsidies and regional competition in the last decade led to 35% oversupply across […]

UK responds to Committee on Climate Change’s recommendations

The government has responded to a series of recommendations made by the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) on how to help the UK power sector mitigate climate change and hit carbon budgets. It has confirmed its intention to phase out unabated coal generation by 2025 and promised to deliver new nuclear capacity to support intermittent […]

Brazil ‘to deregulate power sector’

The Brazilian Government is reportedly planning to deregulate the country’s power industry. Media reports suggest President Michel Temer’s administration aims to reverse a framework which imposed heavy losses on the sector when it was originally introduced in 2012. The initiative aimed to force down electricity prices in exchange for the early renewal of operating licenses. […]

$65m support for Madagascar’s power sector

Madagascar has been granted a $65 million (£46m) loan to improve its electricity sector operations and governance. Access to power services in the country is “low by any standards”, according to the World Bank, with current access at around 12% to 13%. Consumption in Madagascar is at 46kWh per capita versus 52kWh per capita in Ethiopia, […]

Afghanistan’s energy sector receives $1.2bn

Afghanistan will receive a grant worth $1.2 billion (£0.78bn) to improve its energy sector. The cash aims to support projects in the country which boost energy supply, cross border trade and improve the power sector’s efficiency. The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is providing the fund which will be given in tranches until 2025. Afghanistan’s reliance on […]