Protest in Indian state over energy price hikes

An Indian state experienced shutdown yesterday as opposition parties called for a strike in protest against energy price hikes. Reports claim the strike or “bandh” resulted in the closure of shops, businesses, schools and public transport services, bringing the streets in cities of Andhra Pradesh such as Hyderabad (pictured) to a grinding halt. The increase […]

Ice rink centre freezes out £120k energy cost

A Scottish leisure centre popular for its large ice rink and water slides froze out more than £130,000 from its energy bills by bailing out of the consortium it was in, it has now been revealed. Keeping an ice rink cool demands a huge amount of power – even in chilly Scotland – which can […]

Protection from price hikes ends for npower customers

Energy customers on npower’s fixed tariff could see their bills rise by £160 this weekend when their protection from price hikes comes to an end. Since the supplier’s ‘Go Fix 8’ plan launched in September 2011, consumers made savings of £261 compared to those on the average ‘Big Six’ standard tariffs. The fixed plan meant […]