UK businesses eye smart and distributed energy

A third of industrial firms are planning to invest more than £1 million in smart and distributed energy by 2022. That’s according to a new survey of more than 500 UK businesses conducted by PwC. One in five commercial firms said they planned to invest similarly, with mitigating high energy costs and managing security of […]

Move over shale gas – shale oil could boost world GDP by $2.7tn

Shale gas has been hailed as a game-changer after it’s gushing success in the United States – but it’s lesser known sister could have an even bigger impact, according to new research. The global impact of shale oil – which is extracted the same way as shale gas – could “revolutionise” the world’s energy market […]

Chancellor should ‘take note’ of Climate Committee’s opinions

Chancellor George Osborne should take note of the Climate Change Committee’s warning against a dash for gas leading to a huge rise in future household bills. The Committee suggested energy generation from renewable sources would keep British households’ fuel bills lower than relying on fossil fuels such as gas. It warned of the risks of […]

Ed Davey: A 2°C climate target is ‘within reach’

The goal of achieving a 2°C global warming limit is still “within reach”, according to Energy Secretary Ed Davey. He made the comment ahead of the second week of climate talks in Doha, which will see 194 countries and more than 17,000 visitors talk about the urgency of tackling climate change and limiting global warming […]

PwC: Businesses should prepare for 6°C global warming

Businesses are warned to prepare for 6°C of global warming as this means carbon emissions need to be reduced by around 5.1% every year between now and 2050. The ‘Low Carbon Economy Index’ by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) estimated the figure is needed to limit global warming to 2°C as it warns the world is heading towards […]

Oil and gas firms must “embrace” workers from other sectors

Oil and gas firms in Aberdeen must look beyond the industry’s engineers and “embrace” those from other sectors. The comment made by an engineering recruitment firm follows the Chancellor’s announcement last week about tax breaks for older North Sea oil and gas fields. A report by PricewaterhouseCoopers claimed there is a shortage of skilled workers […]

180 Coryton workers to lose jobs

About 180 workers at the Coryton refinery will be made redundant next week, its administrators announced. The news comes after PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) failed to find a buyer for the Essex site earlier this year. Swiss owner Petroplus held a meeting earlier this week with the employees and the Unite union at Coryton to explain their […]

Former Russian Minister last hope for Coryton

A former Russian energy Minister is bidding to stop the Coryton refinery from closing down, according to newspaper reports. The news comes after the UK Government announced last week that it won’t be providing the refinery any support. Igor Yusufov emerged as the sole bidder for the bankrupt refinery and could potentially save the jobs […]

DECC halves next Renewable Heat budget

The Government is halving the budget for the Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme (RHI) to £70 million for the upcoming year. DECC says it is cutting the subsidy for 2012-13 after initially proposing a budget of £133 million to make sure there is enough money left for the scheme next year (2013-14). The RHI is meant to […]

Green Deal companies double in number

The Green Deal Finance Company has doubled its membership since it was started in March, with the addition of 21 more companies joining. The industry-led consortium brings together firms which hope to finance energy efficiency measures in UK households. One of the group’s members, PricewaterhouseCoopers estimate more than 15 million UK homes are not properly […]