CCC: UK Government’s net zero U-turn to hit wallets hard

The government’s own climate advisers have issued a stark warning that the policy rollback is likely to lead to a significant increase in energy bills for the public

‘Prime Minister to revise car policy in local areas’

Rishi Sunak will reportedly announce measures supporting car owners in the UK, particularly through a reduction in 20mph speed restrictions

Prime Minister’s announcement dents energy sector confidence

A shocking 75% of decentralised energy professionals and businesses express a significant loss of confidence following Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s announcement, according to a new survey

Sunak vs climate advisers on airport expansions

The Prime Minister is reportedly set to reject the formal advice from the Climate Change Committee, defying calls to halt airport expansions

Brits put climate on ice as living costs soar

More than half of British people are too preoccupied with the rising cost of living to prioritise climate change concerns, according to a survey

Is the ban on new onshore wind set to be blown away?

The Prime Minister is reportedly set to reverse an onshore wind farm ban amid Tory MPs pressure

Grant Shapps moves from Energy to Defence Secretary role

Grant Shapps is expected to make a switch from his role as Energy Secretary to become the new Defence Secretary in a notable government reshuffle

‘Over 130 sewage leaks detected in government buildings within a year’

Most of these incidents, totalling 138, took place at Ministry of Defence facilities, according to a new report

Sunak shuts door on net zero referendum

The Prime Minister has expressed confidence in the public’s commitment to net zero but emphasised a pragmatic and inclusive approach to achieving it

‘UK’s climate pledge rollback could lead to higher household energy bills’

The ADE has sent an open letter to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, emphasising the importance of decentralised energy for sustainability and economic growth